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Proficio Design Services, LLC is intended to be a resource for mechanical design help. We support individual inventors, multi-national companies with thousands of employees, and anyone between.

Currently, all of our design work is completed in ProEngineer with Creo 3.0 being our primary version and all previous versions being available upon request.

Several of our offerings are listed here:

SURFACING - we are able to provide complex surfacing for projects that require more than typical solid modeling can accomodate. Examples of this are wavy or curvy surfaces such as those found in bottles, chair seats and backs, automotive components, and jet ski bodies.

SOLID MODELING - we are able to offer standard solid modeling of both simple and complex components. Tooling, small machines, and the mechanical portions of injection mold tools are examples of this. We also have over 26 years of dedicated gage and fixture design experience.

DRAWINGS - include all necessaary dimensions, GD&T, material callouts and any other information not easily represented in a 3D model. We have standard title blocks, we can use your title blocks, or we can create custom title blocks for your company.

OUTPUT FILES - we can deliver in most generic formats including STEP, IGES, DXF. If you have a supplier requiring a non-standard format, we will work to make sure that supplier is covered.

CONSULTING - we are open to working at your facility (we are an LLC and are not restricted in the duration of a projct by the government) or completing the work from ours. We excel in working with toolmakers and quality personel that are often the end users of parts we design. If you have a need for us to help train your designers, we can make that happen as well.

If you have questions, or would like me to quote a project for you, please use the CONTACT US link either here or above. Indicate the best way for me to return your information (phone, fax, or e-mail) and I will do so as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Robert J. Meloche

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